Various Variables: Using Scientific Thinking to Solve Real-Life Problems is a contextualized science unit developed for a science/English language arts class at the intermediate level (GLE 4–8). It should follow a unit on the basics of the scientific method as this Various Variables unit makes connections between cause and effect and types of variables. Learners will develop and utilize ELA skills as they research health conditions and learn about different kinds of variables and fair testing.  

A full unit plan is accessible below and provides in-depth information about the unit. Links to a fully developed lesson plan from the unit are also included below. The unit and lesson plans use the current ACLS-approved ELA curriculum templates. In addition, the Lesson Flow (with Abbreviated Lesson Plans) offers information about how each lesson flows and how key instructional standards and topics are developed across lessons. 

Unit Materials:


Christina Cronin developed this unit in collaboration with the SABES ELA PD Center, based on curriculum she had previously taught at Abisi Adult Education Center in Lowell, MA. Thank you to Amy Trawick (SABES ELA consultant) and Karen Greaves (SABES ELA PD Specialist) for their input.

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